Don’t let his good looks fool you -- Oakland’s own G-Eazy is a spitter.

On the heels of the release of his chart-topping major label debut, ‘These Things Happen,’ G-Eazy kicks an exclusive verse for our 16 Bars video series. The self-styled “rap Johnny Cash” proves that though he can play the role of a relatable everyman on some songs, his ability to talk trash on the mic is on par with the best in the rap game: “You can have your songs where you’re a relatable, ordinary person that people identify with but then you’ve [also] just gotta have that invincible, superhero, cool guy ‘I’m talkin’ s--t, I can do what the f--k I wanna do and that’s just who I am’ [attitude]. So you’ve just gotta have both sides.”

Watch G-Eazy spit in the video above then talk about his approach to freestyling, his grind to the top and his love for the craft of rapping in the interview video just below.