Lupe Fiasco is trying to stay COVID-19-free and he wants anyone attending his upcoming shows to do the same.

The pandemic has thoroughly shaken the music industry, as artists in states that still have bans on large gatherings are forgoing lots of show money since tours have come to a halt. A remedy appears to be around the corner, as a vaccine will reportedly be ready for mass use in weeks. On Wednesday (Dec. 2), Lupe announced all fans coming to his shows would be required to have been vaccinated before attending.

Sharing a headline of a news report about the forthcoming vaccine on Instagram, he captioned the screenshot, "Let’s Get Get Get It!!!! You will be required to be vaccinated to come to my concerts."

Vaccination has been a point of contention for many people who have little trust in the government when it comes to these matters. Some people sounded off in the comment section of Lupe's Instagram post.

"Over 99% overall survival rate with 94.6% survival rate for those ages 70 and above," one person scoffed. "7,500,000 recoveries. We have vaccines for the influenza that are 40-60% effective yet we have a ‘magical’ vaccine that just after a few months, has OVER 90% effectiveness. It’s comical honestly. We’ve yet to develop vaccines for other important illnesses and here we are with the COVID vaccine. There have been MULTIPLE meta-analysis studies performed showcasing the harm and ineffectiveness of masks. Deaths are now over saturated with COVID deaths. Deaths related to the Flu? Almost gone. Deaths due to natural causes? Almost none. Heart disease? Almost none? Obesity? Almost none. This is a time in history which separates lions from sheeps."

Lupe has been in support of getting a vaccine for the deadly virus. Last week, he went back and forth with some anti-vax Twitter followers after showing excitement for the new serum. "I waiting on y’all alternative. I really am," the Chicago rapper replied to one person. "Everytime I faithfully study this 'medical black wokeness' it ends up being a bunch of bullshit promoted by folks selling seamoss shakes and possessing the scientific depth of a bag of flamin hots. Some of us actually stayed in school."

While pros and cons of vaccines may be debatable on some level, COVID-19 has undeniably affected the hip-hop community both directly and indirectly. Several artists have contracted the virus including Scarface, YNW Melly, Slim Thug and, most recently, Jeremih. Fred The Godson was diagnosed with coronavirus and died due to complications from the virus.

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