Laced with charisma, big singles and an understated, but witty brand of lyricism, Tha Carter II, released in 2005, was Lil Wayne's coronation as a rap superstar. He'd begun his true breakout process as a solo act with Tha Carter, but the sequel was the one that sent him to new heights.

Tha Carter II's place in rap history isn't up for debate, but where the album's songs rank among each other is. The LP is filled with impressive technical displays and cool confidence at every corner. "Fireman," which was released as the album's first single in October of 2005, set the stage for the project's hour-and-20 minutes of flame-spitting. With plenty of quotable bars and a catchy hook, the siren-laced track let the world know Weezy was on the way. It's definitely got an argument for the album's best song.

Another contender is "Tha Mobb," a track that represents Weezy's decision to replace the New Orleans Bounce of Mannie Fresh with beats grafted onto soul samples. The song features Wayne flaunt some heavy bars while also unloading a mission statement for the LP: "And this is for the gangsters and the bitches/The hustlers and the hoes."

The two-times platinum-selling album is much more than those songs, though. Tracks like "Hustler Musik" embody the struggle, and on "Best Rapper Alive," Wayne makes a convincing opening argument for living up to the song title. "Money on My Mind" is as raw as it gets. It's no wonder many rap fans consider Tha Carter II to be Lil Wayne's best album. But which song is the best? Let's take a look.

Today, in honor of Tha Carter II's 15th anniversary on Dec. 6, XXL ranks the songs on the album. Check out the list below.

  • 22

    "On Tha Block #3 - Skit"

    Lil Wayne
  • 21

    "On Tha Block #2-Skit"

    Lil Wayne
  • 20

    "On Tha Block #1-Skit"

    Lil Wayne
  • 19

    "Weezy Baby"

    Lil Wayne
  • 18

    "Mo Fire"

    Lil Wayne
  • 17

    "Lock and Load"

    Lil Wayne
  • 16

    "Grown Man"

    Lil Wayne featuring Curren$y
  • 15

    "Fly In"

    Lil Wayne
  • 14

    "Get Over"

    Lil Wayne
  • 13


    Lil Wayne
  • 12

    "Feel Me"

    Lil Wayne
  • 11

    "I'm a Dboy"

    Lil Wayne featuring Birdman
  • 10

    "Oh No"

    Lil Wayne
  • 9

    "Fly Out"

    Lil Wayne
  • 8

    "Carter II"

    Lil Wayne
  • 7

    "Hit Em Up"

    Lil Wayne
  • 6

    "Best Rapper Alive"

    Lil Wayne
  • 5


    Lil Wayne featuring Robin Thicke
  • 4


    Lil Wayne
  • 3

    "Tha Mobb"

    Lil Wayne
  • 2

    "Money on My Mind"

    Lil Wayne
  • 1

    "Hustler Musik"

    Lil Wayne

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