A man of his word, Lupe Fiasco took to Twitter Monday evening (Dec. 5) to preview his new song "Killers," fulfilling a promise he had made previously in the week. "I said if @LiquidNuckleDu won #CapcomCup2016 I'd drop 'Killers'....tomorrow night! #LandOfTheFree," he wrote on Sunday, posting a 2-minute-plus clip to Twitter of the file and record as they exist on his computer.

The song itself is an ode to gaming, a world Lupe has expressed a great appreciation and love for. The time stamp on the track's creation reads May 20, 2016, which would put its formation a few months after Lupe beat then reigning Street Fighter champion Daigo Umehara at the Street Fighter V launch gala in San Francisco. A few months later, in July, a Lupe track was used in a promo for the game.

On "Killers," Lupe name drops some Street Fighter characters, opening his first verse by rapping, "Here comes a new challenger and I think they wanna battle/I gotta show him and let him know I’m king of my castle."

While Lupe had once promised three albums dropping this year, the end sum will total zero, as the rapper wrote on Twitter in October, "I tried 2 make it happen but best laid plans make a mess made. Drogas Light and Drogas are fully recorded & sitting but clearances and mixing issues for Drogas are pushing us beyond realistic deadlines now. So I’ll take these L’s like a champ and keep moving." In previewing "Killers" then, Lupe gives a sneak peak into what some of those projects might sound like. Last month he dropped "Made in the USA" which is also expected to appear on an upcoming album.

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