Back in August A$AP Rocky was accused by his former landlord of leaving a New York City apartment he rented in Soho in ruins. The landlord stated that he made alterations to the apartment without consent. What type alterations could cause a landlord to sue for more than a $100k? According to the landlord, A$AP didn't simply paint the walls and leave nails hanging, he turned a custom walk-in wardrobe closet into a recording room.

According to court documents, A$AP removed a custom chandelier, a security camera, and damaged a downstairs bathroom. He was also accused of leaving stains and scratches throughout the apartment.

In a crazy twist of events A$AP is now suing his former landlord and says he will not be paying the landlord for any "damage" that he has done. In his countersuit, he states that it was the landlord who was negligent with keeping the apartment up to par. In the court documents, the rapper stated the building had two floods that was so bad it caused him to rent another place for a month.

He went on to say all "alterations" he made to the apartment actually increased its value. If you have ever visited a New York City apartment you might know that his argument may not stand up in court. There are not many things that can increase the value to an already expensive New York apartment.

A$AP is suing to get back the $40k security deposit, plus damages.

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