Living in NewYork during the winter months, you know all to well that the weather can be pretty brutal out here during that time. With temperatures sometimes reaching to the negatives and freezing it only means one thing #Crankup the heat and stay warm. The only down fall is that now your national grid bill may be a little more than usual if you are having to use your heat more and, constantly changing the temperature then that bill could be costly.
Well National Grid has projected that for the 2020 year your bill could be lower and you can actually save on your bill.The company says upstate New York customers will see higher prices for electricity this winter but lower costs for natural gas service.  Hopefully it doesn't skyrocket the electricity bill. But hey you know what they say” can’t have your cake and eat it too” for more information visit 

Morning Commute In New York Hampered After Major Snowstorm
Credit: Spencer Platt /Getty Images

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