LOVE & War at 10pm during HOT After Dark gives you the opportunity to share some of your experiences with love whether good, bad, or ugly! Last night's LOVE & War had some of you goin crazy reminiscing about some heartbreaks last night on Facebook! Let's see what stories some of you shared with the rest of the world!


Who said LOVE was easy? Certainly not me!! I know my last name may be LOVE but that does not mean I have been lucky in love either! I can certainly relate to heartache & share in your heartbreak stories! It's definitely a rollercoaster ride when dealing with the unknown of emotions & intentions!

Let's see what some of y'all been through when it comes to LOVE & War sharing your worst break up stories!



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Thankx everyone for sharing your stories of heartache & break up! I still think the worst celeb break up ever was Jennifer Aniston & Brad Pitt!

Tonight's LOVE & War will be about the brighter side of LOVE so tune into HOT After Dark at 10pm with me, Linda Love! It's a date so don't be late!

Here's Jhene Aiko with "The Worst"! Don't hurt nobody! LOL