LOVE & War at 10 p.m. during HOT After Dark gives you the opportunity to share some of your  thoughts on seductive topics! Last night's LOVE & War had some of you thinkin' about which foods are the sexiest to taste in the bedroom to set the mood! Let's see what foods some of you thought were some sexy eats or sweet seductive treats!

Hey, 112 thought it was all about the "Peaches & Cream" in their sexy song! From strawberries and whip cream being the most popular choice to seduce your partner, some other suggestions were a bit interesting! Let's see how Facebook responded to last night's LOVE & War ?




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Shoutout to Kaine, Blaze and everyone else who suggested some sexy bedroom foods to eat and seduce with! It can be Valentine's day everyday, why not!

Tune into LOVE & War ? tonight at 10 p.m. during HOT After dark with me, Linda Love, for some serious grown folk discussion! It's a date so don't be late!