After The VMAs, I was wondering just how hard it is in the public eye for celebs like Beyonce & Jay Z to hold a relationship together in the public eye. Tonight's LOVE & War we will definitely touch upon that so holla at me on The LOVEline!

Everyone's "breaking up" these days...Beyonce & Jay Z, Nick & Mariah, Ciara & Future...what's goin on in Hollywood?

Is it me and my skepticism or does anyone else feel Beyonce's I love yous to her "beloved" Jay Z and her tribute to Blue Ivy on last night's VMA's was staged to sidetrack us all from the breakup & surrogacy battle rumors? Just how hard is it for high profile celebs to maintain public appearances & private relationships? It's a delicate balance and a lot of hard work, let's see how Facebook responded!



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Most people agreed with me! Thank you Fb! Let's talk more about this topic on tonight's LOVE & War 2 10pm!! It's a date so don't be late!