Have you ever sat at home at night wishing you had a warm cookie but were too lazy to make it yourself? I have a solution - finally!

I went to school at New York University in New York City and one of my favorite things we had down in the East Village was Insomnia Cookies. You put in which college in NYC you went to, which dorm you lived in and within minutes warm delicious cookies and brownies were delivered to the front door. There was even one time my Mom ordered me cookies for my birthday, it was brilliant! They would deliver until 3AM! I'm happy to hear, we have some place similar here in the Capital Region.

The Times Union reminded me of a local company that has a very similar business model, Nocturnal Cookies. It's been around since 2017 and will deliver some of their 13 different kinds of cookies, brownies, or milk to your door. Right now, they're only based in the Albany area but I've been dreaming for years of the announcement that we'll soon see them open in Schenectady.

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