In an effort to downsize and focus on delivery, Pizza Hut will close hundreds of its restaurants across the country. 

The times of heading out to your neighborhood Pizza Hut restaurant may be coming to an end. According to, you will still be able to get your favorites from Pizza Hut, but they will be shifting into a predominately delivery and carryout service instead of sit-down restaurants.

The restaurants that will be on the chopping block are not known yet. But Pizza Hut says that they will be the ones that are underperforming with lower foot traffic and sales. All in all, Pizza Hut plans to close nearly five hundred restaurants this year.

There are nearly fifteen Pizza Hut locations in and around the Capital Region. No word yet if any of ours will be on the slate to be revamped into take-out and delivery. We can rest assured that we will still be able to get our pan pizzas, stuffed crust, and other favorites. We will just have to have it delivered or go pick it up.

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