A local bishop wants all the smoke. Albany Episcopal Diocese Bishop William Love announced that he is banning same-sex marriages in his churches he made the announcement in a statement on their website.

Bishop Love said that he is not doing this out of "mean-spiritedness or hatred," but believes that "The Episcopal Church and Western Society have been hijacked by the 'Gay Rights Agenda'" and calls upon his fellow bishops to rethink their decisions as well.

This statement seems like the Bishop wanted to gain the attention of religious leaders and same-sex couples. This was a well-executed dog whistle for other religious leaders to follow his lead. If he was genuine in his intents, all he had to do was not perform the weddings, and say nothing. I'm sure there are many religious leaders who are enacting this policy.

There are a plethora of excuses that he could make as to why he wasn't performing the ceremonies. Kind of like people do with racism, just act like there is another reason why you aren't marrying the couples it' simple. Not performing same-sex marriages is only costing him money, think of all of those services that he won't get paid for.

Same-Sex Couples are going to get married with or without the Bishop. The LBGTQIA should be happy he made the announcement, now they can take their business elsewhere to get married, everybody wins.

Do you think the Pastor should be obligated to perform same-sex marriages?

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