For the life of me, I will never understand why people get excited about getting nominated into the Rock N Roll hall of fame, that doesn't perform rock n roll music. First Run DMC, then Public Enemy now LL Cool J. There is no doubt that LL Cool J is a Hip Hop legend. LL Cool J came into the rap game when he was 15 years old in 1984.

LL Cool J is the definition of a legend when it comes to Hip-Hop and popular American culture. LL Cool J has expanded from a pioneering MC to a cultural icon starring in TV shows and movies.

With all of these accomplishments under his belt, LL Cool J isn't even guaranteed to make it into the Rock N Roll Hall of fame. Despite all of this, everyone is excited and celebrating the fact that he is nominated ? Why ?

LL Cool J doesn't perform Rock N Roll music and never has, there is even a Hip Hop hall of fame. The Hip Hop hall of fame isn't as publicized or as big of an economic draw as the Rock N Roll Hall of fame.

There is no question of LL Cool J's notability and influence on Hip Hop, and it is borderline disrespectful to nominate him for any hall of fame because of his status in Hip Hop. Here are the facts, LL Cool J is a Hip Hop legend and there should be no questions about his contribution to the culture. Keep the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame, LL Cool J is respected enough in the biggest genre on the planet which is Hip-Hop.

Do you think LL Cool J should accept his nomination in the Rock N Roll hall of fame ?

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