The Hip-Hop Hall of Fame will soon be expanding into a 20-story multi-media complex.

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The Hip-Hop Hall of Fame has been around for years and earlier this month it won a bid to expand an develop into a bigger and larger “state-of-the-art facility that will ‘preserve, archive, exhibit, educate, and showcase hip-hop Music and culture from around the world’” (Huffington Post).

Expansion of the Hip-Hop Hall of Fame into a museum is expected to begin in February 2018 and will include a multimedia film production studio as well as a television content production center for students interested in pursuing careers in such fields. In addition, the students will not only be training in these career fields but will also “ produce real-life content for the museum,” said JT Thompson,  current chairman of the Hip-Hop Hall of Fame.

As development continues, the 20 story building that the museum will be in will also include a 5-star hotel, a retail mall, an arcade, a restaurant and a concert lounge. For more info on the museum and the Hip Hop Fall of Fame, click here.

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