Tyler, The Creator has come a very long way from being an avid music fan who simply made it in the comfort of his home, but it looks like we are still being reminded of those days. A user on Reddit was able to dig up some unreleased tracks from the Odd Future rapper, which come straight off of his Myspace page from 2008.

The songs are listed under his former alleged alias, I Smell Panties, and give fans a taste of what the rapper's sound and style was like before the release of his infamous Bastard tape that launched him into initial success.

It's easy to see a lot of the growth that he went through since then, as his cartoon-like voice is prominent on each track, as well as his controversial song names. There's a track titled, "Lilo F---s Stitch," which dives into exactly what you think it does. It's not exactly clear how the Reddit user was able to come across these old tracks and identify the alias as Tyler, but nonetheless, fans will be more than grateful for the belated holiday gift.

Take a listen to some of the unreleased songs from Tyler, The Creator below and here, and let us know your thoughts on his sound.

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