Lil Wayne has another reason to get well soon: His lawsuit against Quincy Jones III.

Weezy is suing Jones for creating an unauthorized documentary about him and his life, as well as using his music in the film without his permission. Wayne claimed the doc was a "scandalous portrayal" and wasn't thrilled about it, nor did producers get clearance to use his image, name, nor tracks.

Here's where his health issues come in. Tunechi was slated to testify in court on Friday (Oct. 26), but was hospitalized Thursday for suffering seizure-like symptoms on an airplane. (It's being debated among outlets and members of his entourage as to what actually went down: some say Weezy had two seizures, some say he had one seizure and some say he was dehydrated and had a migraine). As a result, he was unable to make it to court, and will likely remain resting and recovering for quite a while.

TMZ reports that the main problem here is that the lawsuit is being held in front of a jury, and a judge is unlikely to keep issuing continuances (basically, delays and postponements in legal-ese) because it's too much of an inconvenience on jurors. The alternatives are to declare a mistrial or to have Weezy's team represent him without him being there.

To be honest, based on Wayne's deposition videos, his legal team may prefer to go to trial without him taking the stand. In any case, here's hoping he gets better soon!

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