Chris Brown may have bid his ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran a tearful adieu in a self-recorded video a few weeks ago, but that was only the beginning of the story for paparazzi who insist Tran is now one leg of a headline-grabbing love triangle.

TMZ reports that Tran is telling friends she isn't ready to "go back to being basic" -- in other words, that she grew accustomed to enjoying the residual glow from Brown's celebrity, and wants it (as well as Brown himself, of course) back.

It's just the latest in a flurry of recent reports feasting over the rumored brouhaha between Tran, Brown, and his Rihanna, who's allegedly back with Brown (but keeping their renewed love on the DL until her new album, 'Unapologetic,' drops on Nov. 19). At the very least, it's terrific publicity for her and Brown, who's still spinning off singles from his own latest LP, 'Fortune.'

As unseemly as all this gossip is in the wake of someone's broken relationship, we can hardly blame the paparazzi for going crazy over these rumors when Brown is keeping busy in public while making appearances out on the town with both ladies.

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