To get everybody in a naughty mood for the weekend, R&B enigma the Weeknd unleashed a brand new song on Twitter that does not appear on his upcoming album 'Trilogy' (due Nov. 13). It's another haunting ballad about sex, drugs and no regrets.

On the song, the Weeknd is a seductive lothario who is looking to relieve some tension after a long and tough work week. He meets a lovely female at the club and honestly tells her all he wants to be is a one-night stand with no call back. "I'd rather be your enemy than any friend that you think I could be," he sings to his hopeful mate. We don't know if this pick-up line will work on women, but at least he's honest.

He then lays down his sexual contract in the chorus. "I’m just tryin' take you home without a word / And I’m just tryin' kiss your neck without a word / And I’m just tryin' lay you down without a word / And I'm just tryin' get you high without a word / And I'm just tryin' make you numb without a word / I'm just tryin' make you c-- without a word / And I'm just tryin' to make you sleep without a word / Girl, I'm just tryin' to let you leave without a word," he croons.

The dark production and the Weeknd's falsetto vocals might remind listeners of Michael Jackson's guitar-charging ballad 'Dirty Diana,' which was about groupies looking for a sexual romp with the King of Pop.

Nevertheless, if you had a rough five days on the job, Mr. Tesfaye may be encouraging you to go out and get very naughty on the weekend. Don't worry, we won't say a word (*wink*).

Listen to the Weeknd, 'Enemy'