Lil Pump has given hope to SoundCloud rappers everywhere that they too can achieve his level of viral success. In an Instagram story uploaded today (Feb. 20), the heart of the newly established Gucci Gang claims that he's the sole reason why the music streaming platform is around.

"I'm the only reason why SoundCloud exists," Pump said into the camera.

This isn't the first time Pump has made a comical claim without providing any concrete evidence to back him up. Last month, the 2018 XXL Freshman tweeted that science can prove that he's the most lyrical rapper of all time.

Although Pump knows how to have fun with his fans online, the 18-year-old rapper recently spoke from the heart when he addressed Gucci's blackface controversy. In an Instagram Live session, Pump denounced the racist sweater as well as all other forms of discrimination. However, he did state that he'll still perform the song that launched his career, "Gucci Gang."

"Listen, with all that shit going on with Gucci I am not supporting that shit," Pump said during an Instagram Live session. "All that racist shit, no sir! Niggas not supporting that shit. But listen though, that song ["Gucci Gang"] changed my life, so that's the only reason I will keep performing that song. I went from broke to rich with that song so you know, it is what it is. But I love y'all."

Watch Lil Pump claim he's the reason why SoundCloud exists in the video below.

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