Fashion lost a legend today. Karl Lagerfeld, who reigned as Chanel's creative director for decades, died on Tuesday (Feb.19) at age 85. He was an icon in the fashion world—he'd also held positions as for Fendi and his own eponymous fashion line—and well-respected in hip-hop, too.

Well-known for his personal style (his white hair and black sunglasses became his signature look), Lagerfeld was easily identifiable and well-loved. And while hip-hop and high fashion have had a hot-and-cold relationship over the years, he was respected by several rappers, many of whom shouted him or his labels out on tracks.

Going back as far as 2001, when Saul Williams shouted the multi-hyphenate Lagerfeld on his song "1987," the hip-hop world has shown love for the designer and his work for quite some time. Nicki Minaj rapped about hanging out with him on the Queen cut "Chun Swae," her 2018 collab withRae Sremmurd's Swae Lee. Swae also raps on "Chanel," with Slxm Jimmi and Pharrell, a song about buying a woman the flyest in Chanel apparel. Lagerfeld has had the respect of hip-hop, directly and indirectly, for a very long time.

Check out more name-checks of the late designer below, from rappers like E-40, Cam'ron, Dave East and more.

  • "1987"

    Saul Williams

    "I'm wearing my frames/They match my gear with their tint/And you know Lagerfeld is the scent" —Saul Williams

  • “Chanel (Remix)”

    Frank Ocean Featuring A$AP Rocky

    "Photography like David LaChapelle/Black lapels and nappy ponytail/Make 'em call me Flacko Lagerfeld" —A$AP Rocky

  • “Chun Swae”

    Nicki Minaj Featuring Swae Lee

    "G-4s, 5s, Chun-way on the runway, yah, yah/
    Riccardo Tisci in Milan, you see me modelin', ah/
    Dinner with Kar-ar, dinner with Karl Lagerfeld, yah/
    Yeah, this that Steven Klein, Mert & Marcus, yah, yah" —Nicki Minaj

  • “Cuban With The Jesus Piece”

    The Kid Daytona

    "Lagerfeld short sets with the stretch material/
    My man had the tec, can't detect the serial/
    Detectives stare at you, when success, it mirrors you" —The Kid Daytona

  • “Empire”

    Westside Gunn and Conway

    "I be the greatest/Rockin' Karl Lagerfeld latest
    Get a key, make it another key/ This shit amazing" —Westside Gunn

  • “Man Purse”


    "I think I'm combing the edge/I gotta be dirt/Boy I'm the Karl Lagerfeld of my city" —Jpegmafia

  • “Pictures”

    Berner and Styles P Featuring Dave East and Joe Ski

    "Father did fed time, missed a lot of my bedtimes/Karl Lagerfeld on that Fendi/Fur by the neckline" —Dave East

  • “Soap Opera”


    "Cause I feed you well, every sneaker, hell/You eat Louie, shit Gucci, breathe Chanel/Karl Lagerfeld acting like Gargamel" —Cam'ron

  • “Squalie”

    Juelz Santana

    Hey ma, its J.R. and L's/It ain't hard to tell/We them niggas in Mauri and Karl Lagerfeld" —Juelz Santana

  • “Yellow Gold”

    E-40 Featuring Droop E and Work Dirty

    Giuseppes on ma feet, trues on ma keys/Table diamonds on ma chains, Easter/Chanel,Celine, Prada,Karl Lagerfeld,Versace, Ascata" —E-40

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