It’s sort of amazing how things can come to fruition. In August 2016, Lil Jon visited a celebrity clairvoyant who mentioned 2 Chainz's name during his reading. Now, a year and a half later, the two have come together on “Alive,” and fellow Atlanta rapper Offset has come along for the ride.

“I went in the lab wanting to do something current but with energy," Lil Jon tells XXL. "Most hip-hop songs today don’t have a lot of energy." "Alive," produced by Jon, Party Favor and FKi 1st, is a high-energy hip-hop track with electro roots.

Party Favor admits that he and FKi were “sitting on the beat for over a year” before Lil Jon was able to hear it, although the synth-filled production only took one day to complete. “Once I got in the studio with Jon and we started recording the vocals I was able to start structuring the song and adding elements and other instrumentation,” Party adds.

The manifestation of “Alive” came about when Lil Jon appeared on Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry. When the "In the Pit" rapper-producer beckoned advice from Henry regarding his music career, a symbol for two chains crossed the medium’s mind. “He’s actually a rapper,” Jon told Henry, who had no idea that was the moniker for a rap superstar.

“This song presented the opportunity,” Lil Jon tells us. “Of course I’m a big fan of Migos and we crossed paths on the road a bunch of times. Offset’s verse on 'Bad and Boujee' was crazy, so I really wanted to get him on something and it worked out for this song.”

Lil Jon takes the mic for the first verse, opening with “Wake up in the mornin' feelin' live/God must be really on my side," as the beat builds into the chorus.

“Thank God that I'm alive/I've been poppin’ all my life/It’s like my birthday every night/ I’ve been poppin’ all my life,” Jon yells over the production.

Offset steps in for the second verse and spits about his riches, which include a multitude of lavish whips and other items he's been able to obtain during Migos' reign. "Ooh, thankin' the Lord I'm alive/Your diamonds not lookin' alive/Bentley truck swervin', it's wide/Heard you be talkin' to 12, but I do not fuck with them guys/First time I seen me a bale, I thought it was gold in my eyes," the Grammy-nominated artist rattles off.

"We just wrote about being thankful for life and what we have!" exclaims Lil Jon. "I say all the time when someone asks me how I am, 'I woke up today, I’m alive.' Basically meaning people complain about so much, but you know’re alive. Some people don’t wake up."

2 Chainz continues the momentum on the track's closer, providing the most lyrical verse on the cut. "Check my DNA, the A and K'll wet ya, boy/Woo! I think I'm carryin' a Nature Boy/A lot of flavor, boy, I'm all about my paper, boy/Went to L.A. and tried to smoke an acre, boy," he raps, adlibs and all.

With Lil Jon having recently signed a deal with Geffen Records, expect more songs like "Alive" to hit the airwaves throughout the year. Listen to his new single below.

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