Drake’s “Scary Hours” cover art might be fraudulent

So we are all locked in to the new EP Drizzy has dropped entitled “Scary Hours” which features the tracks everybody and they mama playin’ “God’s Plan” & “Diplomatic Immunity”. We’re all aware that Drake gets assistance on his rhymes, but his cover art as well? Producer Rabit noticed that the “Scary Hours” cover art looks familiar to his 2015 tour poster.


Recently, Hip Hop producers have been speaking up about the lack of credit and recognition on records, we can include artwork as well! The poster and cover art are both similar in style and can see where Rabit may have feel his poster inspired Drake. A source at OVO isn’t denying the allegation, simply stating that they didn’t source the artwork but was given multiple references which included Rabits poster. View the IG Post here. Do you think Rabit should have gotten credit? Let us know what you think.

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