The Lifetime Movie Network had alot of obstacles releasing the Aaliyah biopic but it looks like "Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B" will air after all! Check out the official trailor for the made-for- TV movie!

Upon announcing their plan to air this film, Lifetime chose the Disney Channel's Zendaya Coleman for the original lead. Unfortunately, she decided to drop out after all the drama involving the film. bad move Zendaya! After all, remember when Jennifer Lopez was casted to play the lead in "Selena"? There was so much scrutiny that the 'bad' press gave her a ton of exposure & catapulted her career!

Alexandria Shipp was re-casted to play the role of Aaliyah, whom you can see in the official trailor below.

But the drama continues on! The movie which was executive produced by Wendy Williams, will NOT be playing any of Aaliyah's music! This is WACK! But the Lifetime network could not get the necessary clearances from the record label.

Oh well! The show must go on! And it will! "Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B" will air on Lifetime on Saturday, November 15th @ 8pm. Here's the trailor:







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