Where did this summer go? It sure as hell flew on by didn't it?? If you were like me hustlin hard and didn't have a chance to do summer thangs....then let us embrace this Labor Day last weekend of summer shall we??

Whatever it is you do this weekend, be safe and be smart. I am hoping I can do all of the following: Take a trip to Lake George and Saratoga, go swimming, get on my friends boat, go to the Boathouse, bet some horses, go fishing, have a backyard bbq, go to a backyard bbq, hang with friends and family, go camping, get a tan. watch fireworks, check out free concerts in the Cap Region & go to Splashwater Kingdom all in these next 3 days. What do you think , can I do it??? Hopefully you were able to do at least 1 of the many things listed above this summer, if not, now's your chance!!!

Ok, I may be reaching by trying to squeeze all these things in, but I can tell you this much, I will enjoy this last weekend of summer (even though it will still be summer, Labor Day weekend marks the end of summer for most) even if I am found sitting on my couch not doing a god dam thang!

And I want you to have the same attitude too! Basically enjoy whatever it is you do or DON'T do this weekend because you earned it! Talk to you on Monday kiddies, don't forget 10a-3p here on Hot 99.1fm!   XOXO