So today is the last day for the Saratoga County Fair. It has been a week filled with rides, games, shows and fair food.

I have to say the Saratoga County Fair was quite fun. I took my little cousin and nephew up there yesterday evening and we enjoyed the rides and funnel cakes and lemonade.The parking was a little bit of a hassel being that the streets our kinda tiny, however 20$ got you a nice parking spot on someones front lawn. Only 12$ to get in and any toddler or baby was free. Now we all can debate on the fair price for food but even for 8$ you cant resist a nice warm funnel cake with icecream. It was litterally top 5 best things at the fair. Heres some pics i managed to take.

If you get a chance to make it up to the fair today deffinetly check out the cool car shows but be prepared it gets loud.