Within the past 4 months there have be numerous incidences that have occurred at Crossgates Mall. From fighting , to theft to a recent women getting stabbed at the mall ,to almost 300 kids wondering the mall after an event reached capacity.  It may have caused some people to be a little wary about shopping in the mall or keeping there business in the mall. However despite all the recent voilence that has occurred . The mall is still a favorite place to shop. According to News 13 owner Ryan Hughes of Jay St games in the mall believes this incident is one that is far in between . Hughes said the mall's size and attractions make it a more likely setting for these incidents when compared to Colonie Center. He also said millions of people shop at Crossgates every year without encountering any problems. His store is opened 6 days out of 7 and he said majority of his days are good days at the mall.

Do you feel like the mall is still a good place to shop and meet up with friends ? Or would you rather there be more security and more controllable situations?

Me personally I was always taught to be aware of my surroundings and at the end of the day it’s the mall , crazy things can and are happening everyday whether it be the mall, school, playgrounds, etc . You just gotta be aware of your surroundings but it shouldn’t stop you from enjoying and living your life. For more of the story visit here.

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