Following the hype surrounding Black Thought after spitting an innovative freestyle for 10 minutes, the rap community is taking notes and doing their best to show and prove. Kodak Black unleashes his own new "ProjectBaby Freestyle," as he records himself spitting off the top of his head for 12 minutes.

The Painting Pictures rapper starts things off a bit shaky as he tries to catch the beat with some spontaneous rhymes, but quickly gets himself on track with a noteworthy delivery.

"All these models out here got a nigga trippin’," Kodak rhymes. "All this gonorrhea got a nigga drippin’/Drop a nigga like diarrhea when he drippin’/Run up on him, then I tip ’em."

The new freestyle might not match up to the skills that The Roots MC displayed with his, but attempting to rap for 12 minutes is no easy task regardless.

Kodak's verse also comes just after his comments of him claiming to have "realer" lyrics than Jay-Z. Watch Kodak spit a freestyle for 12 minutes in the video below.

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