Imagine being at home and a fire breaks out, you run out the house and once outside you realize a loved one is still inside.

Without thinking, you immediately run back in to help them to safety.

Well on December 8th that is exactly what,19-year-old, Dijour Carter did. A fire quickly spread throughout the Western Ave apartment on December 8th sending Dijour running out the building, realizing his little sister was still in the apartment, Dijour did want any hero would do and went back into the burning building to save his little sister from the fire.

“I always say I’m speechless because at first, I don’t know what to say," Carter said. "The experience of everyone coming to me and commemorating me for what I did ... at the time of the incident, I was just trying to do my thing, be a responsible man, as the head of the household.

This past Monday night, the Albany Common Council honored the heroic act with a resolution, recognizing what Carter that morning.

Salute to Djiour Carter!  

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