Kodak Black is not usually known to speak out on political issues, but he's using his platform to make a statement this time around.

The Florida native has released his "Tunnel Vision" video, which features him in front of a burning cross while addressing racial tensions and the KKK. The video features jarring imagery, including a white man wearing a "Make America Hate Again" hat, which is a shot at Donald Trump's controversial "Make America Great Again" presidential campaign. The beginning of the video also shows a black man and the same white man fighting in front of a house in the grass, setting the tone for the rest of the visuals.

Kodak's latest music video was released just yesterday and has already garnered over one million views overnight. It's definitely interesting that Kodak fans show just as much love to a political statement from the rapper as they do when he is speaking on life in the streets, or turning up in the club. Take a peek at Kodak's new video above.

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