2Pac wanted heaven to have a ghetto. Boosie BadAzz would settle for a ghetto Grammy Awards. He said as much in a recent Instagram video.

In the vid, Boosie laments the unlikelihood of him ever taking home the music industry's most prestigious trophy. "I probably won't never win a muthafuckin' Grammy," Boosie says in a video that manages to be sad and funny simultaneously.

He continues, "You gotta understand I'm like a... I'm the bad boy. Kind of like the bad boy of the industry. But if they had a ghetto Grammy? I ain't winning that Grammy nigga. But if they had a ghetto Grammy? If they had a fucking Grammy in the muthafuckin' hood? And everybody voted in the muthafuckin' streets? Nigga, I'd have 55 muthafuckin' Grammys nigga, ya heard me?"

Boosie's hypothetical might be hilarious, but he's also speaking some truth. Rappers like himself, who've ruled the underground for years but never had much mainstream success,  will always have a hard time reaching the Super Bowl of awards shows.

Even someone like Future, whose album DS2 went platinum and earned widespread critical acclaim, has never won a Grammy. In fact, the Summer Sixteen tour co-headliner has never even been nominated. Something's up, and Boosie knows it.

In any case, you can peep everything Boosie had to say in his truth-telling Instagram video below. We're telling you, he's got a point!

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