This week, Future came out of hiding and finally announced that he has a new album on the way for his loyal fan base, and now the anticipation is overflowing. The Atlanta rapper is set to release a self-titled project this week, and now we're getting some more hints as to what we can expect when it finally drops.

Future Hendrix just released the official tracklist for Future, but unfortunately, there are no signs that point to what possible guest features there could be on the project. There is also a chance, however, that the rapper is choosing to keep the features off altogether, making it a completely solo album for him. Fans are now able to see what is just around the corner for the upcoming release, as the tracklist shows song titles such as "Rent Money," "Feds Did A Sweep," and "High Demand." Many fans are also wondering if one of the songs, "Draco," could potentially be an aim at Soulja Boy, which was a diss song by the rapper that took shots at Chris Brown.

While we're still not sure what we can expect sound-wise from the project, it's safe to say that Future will provide more heat for the Future Hive to rave over as he hits the road for his tour with Tory Lanez, Migos, and Kodak Black.

Check out the official tracklisting for Future below.

1. “Rent Money”
2. “Good Dope”
3. “Zoom”
4. “Draco”
5. “Super Trapper”
6. “POA”
7. “Mask Off”
8. “High Demand”
9. “Outta Time”
10. “Scrape”
11. “I’m So Groovy”
12. “Might As Well”
13. “Poppin Tags”
14. “Massage In My Room”
15. “Flip”
16. “When I Was Broke”
17. “Feds Did A Sweep”


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