Kodak Black has apparently been taken back out of the general population at Broward County Jail, and he is not to pleased about it.

Just last week, the troubled Sniper Gang representer received good news when the judge overseeing his case gave blessings to have him removed from solitary confinement.


"I don't understand why these ppl put me in this square a** pc dorm today all of a sudden & I been here bout 3 months," Kodak wrote in an update posted to Instagram on Wednesday, March 28. "B***h I'm a sniper put me back in the jungle, I ain't on this weak a** s**t, I'm from the projects. Trying to assassinate a n***a character & s**t. B***h I'm a whole G out chea."

It is clear that the latest news has left the Pompano Beach rapper conflicted over the nature of his detention, just when he was enjoying the love he received from a giving Chris Brown breaking him off a couple of racks, and the court allowing him some time apart with a tutor to continue his studies towards a G.E.D.

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