Donald Trump seems to have a forever fan in Kodak Black.

On Tuesday (June 15), video footage from Kodak's recent Instagram Live began circulating the internet. In the clip, the Florida rapper speaks on wanting former President Trump to return to office.

"I would like to see Trump back in office...," Project Baby began. "I wouldn't give a damn if he let me out of prison anyway. I was still fuckin' with Trump, but him doing that, it's like you got all my love and shit. You got all my love and support, most def'. And any nigga or any bitch who don't like that, that just shows that you ain't a good person and you ain't loyal. You ain't loyal ’cause anybody reppin' for you like that, they ’posed to... So you can't look for me to not like buddy."

Prior to Kodak sharing his political views and weighing in on who he feels should be commandeering the White House, the Bill Israel artist showed his support for Trump in another way.

Yesterday (June 14), Kodak Black wished the former POTUS a happy birthday while rocking Trump's controversial Make America Great Again gear. In the image Kodak shared via Instagram, the rapper is rocking a navy blue hat and mock-neck sweater donning Trump's campaign logo. "#HappyBirthdayTrump DT @realdonaldtrump #HappyBirthdayKodak #GeminiGang #FeelinPeachy Out Now," Kodak typed as the caption.

Kodak Black being able to show love for Donald Trump online is in part thanks to Trump pardoning the nearly four-year prison sentence Kodak was serving earlier this year. The sentence stemmed from a federal firearms charge following the rapper's May of 2019 arrest ahead of his scheduled Rolling Loud performance in Miami.

Kodak's initial prison release date was set for Nov. 11, 2022, but due to Trump's pardon, the rhymer was released and fully exonerated in January of this year. Kodak was among 73 individuals, also including Lil Wayne, whose prison sentences were commuted before Donald Trump officially bid the Oval Office farewell on Jan. 20, 2021 and was replaced by President Joe Biden.

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