Pooh Shiesty's recent shooting incident at King of Diamonds nightclub in Miami over the Memorial Day holiday weekend appears to have taken a turn. A security guard who was shot reportedly says he doesn't remember giving a statement to the police.

According to a report from TMZ on Tuesday (June 15), the Memphis rapper's alleged victim is Frivin Dor, a security guard at the venue, who is now retracting his statement against Pooh, born Lontrell Williams. The guard accused the rapper of firing a gun in the club that resulted in the guard sustaining a gunshot wound to the ankle. Dor now says he doesn't recall giving an initial statement to Miami-Dade police.

Pooh's legal counsel, Bradford Cohen and Saam Zangeneh, reportedly filed a new motion this week, which contains a sworn testimony from Dor, who has changed his initial story. Now, the guard claims he was medicated on Dilaudid, a powerful painkiller and was unaware of what he told law enforcement officials when they first spoke, presumably after the incident transpired on May 30.

In a transcribed interview TMZ obtained, Dor doesn't recall Pooh Shiesty aiming a gun at him nor shooting at him. Dor claims he was given a painkiller at the hospital on the night of the shooting, and spoke to a detective while on the drug. Apparently Dor doesn't remember a thing that he said that night. Dor also suggests that a mechanical fan that fell in a parking garage nearby caused the commotion in the club.

Based on court records obtained by XXL this morning, three motions were filed on Monday (June 14): a motion for reconsideration of bond, which was revoked from Pooh due to a prior shooting incident in the Miami area from October of 2020, motion to set bond and a motion to compel—meaning the court has been requested to order the opposing party to present documentation or information. An additional motion to compel discovery was filed three days earlier on June 11, which meant the opposing party feels discovery responses are insufficient. This information is typically acquired during the discovery process when opposing parties obtain information to build their case or support their defense.

As previously reported, the "Back in Blood" rhymer turned himself in to authorities on June 8 in connection with the KOD shooting. At the time, he was charged with aggravated battery and granted a $10,000 bond. However, Pooh was ordered to appear before a second judge who determined whether or not the rapper would be released.

Pooh surrendering for the KOD incident likely stems from video footage that began circulating online late last month. The rhymer is shown on video being escorted out of a club while tucking what appeared to be a firearm into the front of his pants. There were claims that money had been taken from Pooh at the club, but he later hopped on social media to denounce those rumors.

The judge revoked Pooh Shiesty's most recent bond and the $45,000 bond he was given for an Oct. 8, 2020 shooting in Bay Harbor Islands, Fla. Consequently, the 1017 Records rhymer is to remain behind bars until his trial, which doesn't have a date just yet.

On June 10, Pooh was given an arraignment hearing date of June 29.

However, with this latest development, it's unclear if Pooh Shiesty will be released sooner.

XXL has reached out to Pooh Shiesty's legal team for a comment on this matter.

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