KKK flyers are popping up again in the Capital Region. I had no idea that this was a thing of the past but apparently, this isn't the first time that these flyers have mysteriously appeared in the Capital Region. This time the flyers popped up in Johnstown, apparently, they were recruiting this time they were talking ish about the deceased Martin Luther King Jr, check out the News 10 story below.

Here is what Johnstown resident, Christopher Steden said he found on his car.

“At first I thought it was just a joke, a bad joke, done in poor taste, but I don’t know anyone that crass to use that as a joke. Then the reality sunk in and it was kind of upsetting.”

Tucked into his car windshield was this small piece of paper with a picture of Martin Luther King Jr. surrounded by the letters KKK.

He says he felt like he was in some sort of time warp.

“It was bizarre to find something in this day and age like that on my car.”

The flyers refer to doctor king as a communist pervert and encourage people to question whether they want to promote “this type of man” as a national hero to our children.

I find it bizarre too Chris, first off who calls someone a communist in today's society? The only one person I have heard being accused of being a communist is Donald Trump because he did business with Russia.

They called Martin Luther King Jr a commie back in the days which made zero sense back then because most communist states are overtly racist, and classist. This is exactly what MLK Jr. stood against, so calling him a communist made no sense back then and still doesn't to this day.

Then again racism makes no sense at all, but somehow we have spiraled back into the racism of 1948. I really hope they find the person responsible for this, I hope they are at least senior citizen and senile because this random attack on a man that has been deceased for 50 YEARS, in 2018 seems stupid.  These attacks remind me of how people currently attack Barack Obama. This is a living history lesson as to why being a bigot is stupid, we are witnessing the original troll behavior reincarnated.

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