Every since Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries filed for divorce after 72 days of marriage, they have been scrutinized heavily by the media. But Humphries probably got the ultimate put-down when Kanye West mentioned him in his rhyme on ‘Way Too Cold.’

You know the line: “And I admit I fell in love with Kim / ‘Round the same time she fell in love with him / Well that’s cool, baby girl do your thing / Lucky I ain’t had Jay drop him from the team.”

But now the basketball star fires back at the media in a video for Funny or Die and throws subliminal shots at Yeezy, who is now dating his ex-wife. In the clip, Humphries goes to a PR company to help revamp his image into the most hated man in America — in a sense, turn him into the biggest douchebag in the world.

The reps put him through a fashion makeover that includes him wearing an out-of-style Ed Hardy T-shirt and shutter shades that West famously wore in his ‘Stronger‘ video.

The dig at West happens when Humphries questions his new style of dress. “That’s because you have on the wrong sunglasses, we don’t want you to look like an a–hole,” says one of the agents.

Another subliminal shot at West is delivered when the agent tells Humphries, “I have several awards ceremonies booked for you to just spontaneously ruin.”

While Humphries’ video is done in jest, his lighthearted shots at West are a little disappointing. Compared to West’s lyrical jab about him in ‘Way Too Cold,’ Humphries’ “dig” at Yeezy was just a mere tap.

The video is NSFW due to the explicit language and it’s sort of funny.

Watch Funny or Die’s Kevin Humphries Is a Douchebag Video