Can't say that a lot of us didn't see this one coming. On the upside you can now redecorate the kids room at a discount.

If you have always wanted to deck out your kids room in super trendy decor (that, lets be honest, may be more for you than the kids) but didn't want to fork out the cash for those hefty price tags? Well, here's you chance to get all that furniture, bedding, toys, decor and accessories starting at a 30% discount.

Pottery Barn Kids in the Crossgates Mall is closing it's doors next month and as of this past weekend the whole store is 30% off. According to the TU the heavily photographed but not so heavily purchased children's store has been closing up shops across the country by the handful every year for almost the last decade and at this point here are less than a 100 stores left.

The Crossgates location is the latest casualty for the store however their discounted prices could be an upside for you.

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