Kendall Jenner, the reported arm candy of One Direction's Harry Styles, has gone tastefully semi-topless for W in a smoldering, supremely sexy photo.

The reality star, 18, donned a black leather jacket sans a shirt, so the side panels of the jacket cover her lady lumps. You can't see much at all -- no nip slip and no wardrobe malfunction, but the suggestion is there. And we all know about the power of suggestion.

The fact that Kendall is snapped in black and white ups the hotness quotient of this photo. She's biting her lip, and her smoky eye makeup creates a halo of mystique around those windows to her soul.

Kendall actually looks like a younger version of her big half-sis Kim. The younger daughter of Kris Jenner takes a mean picture, too. She is incredibly photogenic.

Honestly, this is by far the hottest pic of Kendall that we have ever seen. No wonder Hazza might be smitten. We say "might" simply because their relationship has been repeatedly tagged as a showmance and a PR stunt.