Living a full life, at least according to the 2014 Lexus CT commercial, consists of playing games, hanging with friends and watching a concert on top of a hill, taking in the action via a telescope. If you blink, you might miss the car's radio telling you about the neo-doo-wop-meets-R&B-meets-jazz track that is accompanying all those good times. What is it?

It's 'Time's All Gone, Pt. 1' by Nick Waterhouse, and the track is taken from his album 'Time's All Gone.' Waterhouse has quite the retro vibe, like a more rock and less soul version of Bruno Mars. Can you dig it? Do you dig it?

Judging from this song, Waterhouse is the kind of crooner and artist that your parents will like just as much as you do. The song has such an uplifting vibe and tempo that it'll make you want to get off that couch and do fun stuff, living your life to the fullest, in whatever way you see fit.