Today (Feb. 10), the hip-hop community is celebrating the 10th anniversary of Kanye West's debut LP 'The College Dropout,' which is considered one of the most important and influential hip-hop albums of the past 10 years. The occasion is big enough to make West break his Twitter silence.

In his tweets, the lauded MC thanks collaborators and fans for their support in helping create 'The College Dropout' while promising to continue creating art for those fans "to be proud of." This series of tweets is his first since the picture of his A.P.C. fashion collaboration in January, and his first non-promo tweet since his Mandela dedication in early December 2013.

West has progressed quite a bit from the soul sampling of his debut. The abrasive sounds of 'Yeezus' are a far cry from that era, although that project did end with the soulful 'Bound 2.' The Chicago native is also commonly believed to have lost the humility from his earlier days, but as his second-to-last tweet suggests, he's always exhibited a brash sense of confidence in addition to his unmistakable talent.