Nina Dobrev and Liam Hemsworth, two of the most eligible stars of the under-30 set in Hollywood, were reportedly spotted together showing a little PDA in Atlanta, a city far removed from the bright lights and paparazzi flashbulbs of Tinsel Town.

Sources say that the duo was on a "date" – or perhaps simply hanging out and grabbing drinks on the platonic level -- on Friday, Feb. 7.

Anyone who follows these sorts of matters is well aware that Dobrev famously dated her 'Vampire Diaries' co-star Ian Somerhalder before splitting in May, while Hemsworth was engaged to Miley Cyrus this time last year, finally splitting with her in September amid tons of rumors.

A fan shapped a photo of the attractive pair as they were chatting it up at The Corner Tavern just outside of Hotlanta. Several tweets unleashed in the Twitterverse confirmed that it was indeed Dobrev in that flannel shirt, since we can only see the back of her head in this pic.

A witness told Hollywood Life that "Liam and Nina were with some other people at the bar. They were talking and having fun. Nina and Liam were playing pool at one point. It was a pretty busy night."

Another source told Celebuzz that they were there with friends, having drinks and acting "couple-y" and that they shared a good night smooch as Dobrev was bouncing. That witness said, "The kisses were on the lips publicly outside of the bar… and it was three sensual kisses on the lips."

Wow, that's more than a little creepy -- someone counting kisses and calling them sensual, not the idea of the kisses themselves.

Dobrev and Hemsworth have reason to be around one another, as she is shooting her show in the A-T-L, while he is filming the latest 'The Hunger Games' flick.

We're not about to sound the NEW COUPLE ALARM just yet. Although we have to say that we think that Dobsworth (or Hembrev) would make a super hot couple.

Maybe Ian and Miley should hook up! Hollywood is known to be incestuous…