UPDATE: Shayne's father, Lorenzo Lamas released a statement saying that she is "conscious and stable."

Our hearts go out to former 'The Bachelor' and 'General Hospital' star Shayne Lamas, the daughter of actor Lorenzo Lamas. She has suffered a miscarriage due to a pregnancy complication. She's also currently in a coma.

Lamas and husband Nik Richie were expecting their second child. Lamas was 16 weeks into her pregnancy.

However, on Sunday, Feb. 9, paramedics rushed to the couple's California home, where Shayne had collapsed. She was then transported to a hospital. Doctors assessed that she was bleeding internally around her uterus. Specialists were summoned to figure out the root cause of the bleeding.

During surgery, she lost the unborn baby. How tragic!

Lamas, 28, is currently in a coma and requires assistance to breathe. Despite such a dire circumstances, doctors are optimistic that she will recover, according to TMZ.

Both her husband and her father are with her during this difficult time.

Lamas is also mom to daughter Press, born in 2011; Richie is the child's father, as well.

Lamas was chosen by British gent Matt Grant during Season 12 of 'The Bachelor' but broke off their engagement shortly after.