There are good days, there are bad days, and then there are days when you confuse Samuel L. Jackson with Laurence Fishburne and find yourself at the mercy of an actor whose voice can make even the strongest man whimper in terror. This sounds like a joke, but it actually happened on live television, and since this is the internet, it will never go away and the news anchor who made the tragic error will never live it down.

The hilarious altercation begins with what looks like a simple promotional interview for the upcoming 'RoboCop,' in which Jackson (somewhat ironically) plays a colorful TV personality. The discussion takes a sudden and crazy turn when the anchor asks Mr. Jackson about his Super Bowl commercial, only to realize too late that he's thinking of the 'Matrix'-inspired car ad with Laurence Fishburne. Jackson, smelling blood in the water and probably grumpy from spending countless hours promoting 'RoboCop,' unloads.

It's playful enough, but even playful ribbing from Jackson feels like it's accompanied by the threat of death. If they were in the same room, we'd expect him to ask the reporter if he could have a bite of his Big Kahuna burger before quoting the Bible and gunning him down. In other words, it's all terrific.

'RoboCop' opens this week, though it probably won't be as entertaining as this video.

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