Coca-Cola's 2014 'Footprints' commercial, with its wintry, snow-covered setting, reminds us that dreams can come true, whether at the Sochi Olympics or in your own backyard.

Two sets of footprints converge until they share a path. There is no dialogue, just a delicate and pretty male-female vocal interplay. What's the song in this Coke commercial?

It's 'Lucky,' and it's by singer Kat Edmondson. The song appears on her album 'Way Down Low,' which was funded by fans via Kickstarter back in 2012. The song is anchored by the fact that it's two voices of opposite sexes, so it is appropriate, since the spot ends with a couple holding hands as they stroll.

Some intel about the singer: Edmondson is a former 'American Idol' contestant who didn't make it very far back on the show back in 2002. She is a vintage pop artist, with a rich and angelic tone and a decidedly independent vibe.

Bonus fact: The song is also featured in 'Admission,' the college-themed comedy starring Tina Fey and Paul Rudd.

So while Edmondson has a distinctly non-mainstream style and sound, she has hit the jackpot on the licensing front, with her song being used by a major soft drink brand and a major film.