Kristen Stewart is a fashion world fave, and she covers the March 2014 issue of Marie Claire in style, donning a colorful print and offering a smoldering pout and a brooding stare.

The star looks amazing and airy on this particular cover. But she gets heavy and deep in the feature, admitting that she owns up to every mistake she has ever made in her time in the spotlight and has no regrets.

K. Stew, 23, said, "I stand by every mistake I've ever made, so judge away."

Hmm. Does that include cuckolding Robert Pattinson for the guy who directed her in 'Snow White and the Huntsman'?

That said, here are the key takeaways from the revealing piece. She showed herself to be someone who likes giving up control as much as she likes having it in certain areas. K. Stew is truly dynamic as she talks romance, regrets and roles.

She loves not being in control: "Dude, I have no idea what I'm doing, and that's kind of how I love it. I had no idea 'Twilight' was going to be huge. Certain movies I've done I thought were going to be amazing did nothing. So it's fun not having so much control. It's kind of a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants lifestyle -- it's fun, but it's scary as f---. If it's not scary, it's usually -- you kind of have to step back and go, 'You're probably making this decision because it's right on paper.' But unless you get that irking fear, it's not right."

She loves the unknown, too: "I really like being thrown into the unknown and then finding my way. I don't want to show someone something. I want people to watch me find something." That's what makes her an artist.

She knows the heart is the hardest thing to control: "You don't know who you will fall in love with. You just don't. You don't control it. Some people have certain things, like, 'That's what I'm going for,' and I have a subjective version of that. I don't pressure myself … If you fall in love with someone, you want to own them -- but really, why would you want that? You want them to be what you love. I'm much too young to even have an answer for that question." Wow, how self-aware of her!

She likes things extreme: "I'm kind of, like, an extremist. I really don't want to be working unless I'm bleeding it. And if I'm not working, then don't ever try to make a plan with me." Again, that's what makes her an artist.

Her defenses: "I was always like, 'If you put too many walls up, you can't see. You're limiting your life so drastically and in a sad way.' So I always used to say, 'I'm not putting up any walls, I'm trying to break them down,' and it seemed kind of defensive -- it was definitely coming from that place. But now I'm actually maintaining like I don't live in a fortress." Interesting assessment, indeed.

No drugs for K. Stew: "I'm such a control freak. I'm glad I grew up in this era because I think if I grew up in my parents' age of drugs and discovery and crazy s---, I don't think I would do drugs well."

If Stewart was trying to make us develop a girl crush on her, she succeeded. We love how she "gets" it.