Soulja Boy is the living breathing story of when keeping it real goes wrong. Soulja Boy got into an online argument with Chris Brown, to prove his street credential Soulja Boy went to the streets of Compton to hang out with the gang members.

After he was roughed up in the streets of Compton he went on to issue and apology. Where he confirmed that the root of his behavior was his Mom being in the hospital. He then makes a plea to collaborate on music with Chris Brown and Quavo from the Migos.


After making the apology video he commits to a 3 round celebrity boxing match with Chris Brown. Hip Hop has really turned into the WWE's degenerate little brother. Chris Brown and Soulja Boy should leave the boxing to professional boxers, but again in this day people will do anything for attention.

Floyd Mayweather and Adrien Broner are promoting the fight and it is scheduled for late March. Let's watch the antics unfold over the next couple of months for all we know this was probably the plan all along. Do you think that this was all staged? They will all probably make millions from this fight.

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