Following all of the drama surrounding Soulja Boy and Chris Brown—their beef, Soulja's threats to beat Chris up, Chris' denial of the claim, Soulja's call for a boxing match and ill-advised trip to the hood, and finally, Soulja's apology to Chris—50 Cent has jumped into the mix with an offer.

50 claims that if Soulja and Brown really want to box it out, Floyd Mayweather's promotion company will endorse the fight. Yesterday night (Jan. 4), 50 went on Instagram to make his declaration.

“Tell Soulja I said stop apologizing,” 50 Cent wrote on Instagram. “Get the Draco out build up the hype for the fight. #putthemoneyonthewood I’m covering the bet for every set. LMAO.”

50 encouraged Blac Youngsta and Yo Gotti to put up money for the fight, claiming that Mayweather had already put up $250K on Soulja Boy.

“We talking money now, BIG MONEY CHAMP said he will take the bet,” 50 wrote. “Mayweather promotions is gonna promote the fight. This is the shut up, or put the money up challenge. #wherethebagat.”

Chris Brown was hyped by the challenge, saying that he'd buy a yacht with earnings on 50's comments. Yacht buying aside, you can take a look at 50's posts below.


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