Kanye West and Kim Kardashian‘s relationship continues to be fodder for the tabloids. Last Friday (April 27), while on a date with Kimmy, Yeezy was caught literally with his pants down in front of the tailgating paparazzi.

According to E! Online, Kimye enjoyed a lovely dinner together at the posh N62 restaurant in New York. Afterwards, they arrived in front of West’s apartment, we guess for a night cap. As pair stepped out of their silver Maybach, West had a wardrobe malfunction when his black leather pants slipped down and exposed a little thigh.

West was able to recover and pull his pants back up as Kim was unaware of her boo’s fashion faux-pas. The couple was able to laugh off the embarrassing incident as they entered together into the apartment building.

Kim recently told E! News that she’s trying to avoid all the gossip reports about her relationship with West. “I try to stay away from watching stuff and reading stuff,” she says. “I made it a resolution this year to not really look on the Internet as much and not have Google alert so I took that all off my phone.”

Well, good for you Kim.

Watch Kanye West’s Wardrobe Malfunction