Kanye West was on the Bon Iver bandwagon long before the Justin Vernon-fronted band started climbing the charts and winning Grammys. Now, perhaps to remind us all of that fact, West has finally released a video for ‘Lost in the World,’ a song from the rapper’s 2010 album ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ that features Vernon.

‘Lost in the World’ is built around an a capella Auto-Tune technique borrowed from Bon Iver’s ‘Woods.’ London filmmaker Ruth Hogben directed the black and white clip, which uses distant shots of West surrounded by fog and clouds. Models dance on a mirrored floor, leading to some impressive reflective images.

West stands on the same floor when he raps, “If we die in each other’s arms, still get laid in that afterlife.” Dizzying shots of skyscrapers roll past as the song reaches its climax. The arty clip stands out by reminding us more of a fashion commercial than a hip-hop music video.

Vernon doesn’t show up in the video, and even Kanye himself barely gets much face time. Check out the intriguing video, courtesy of SHOWstudio.

Watch the Kanye West ‘Lost in the World’ Video Feat. Bon Iver

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