It appears the feud between Kanye West and Jimmy Kimmel is far from over. On Friday (Sept. 27), Yeezy went on Twitter to blast Kimmel again for his parody on his self-aggrandizing interview he did on BBC's Zane Lowe.

As spotted on E! Online, the mercurial rapper began his Twitter rant by sharing an article on Slate called "Kanye West Is Right: Jimmy Kimmel's Sketch Was Ignorant and Stupid."

The string of tweets continues with this message: "Exactly what he meant by "SELF HATE!" I don't want to d--- ride KANYE just saying that if more people actually listened "they'd grow wiser after listening to the interview."

It ends with this remark: "Jimmy K. is the EVIL guy trying to keep people in a box and not want more out of themselves. He does this by making fun of real dreamers."

While it's hilarious that West and Kimmel are engaging in some sort of rap feud, it's highly unusual for the 'Throne' rapper to continue his anger via 140 characters on Twitter. Some fans -- and including us -- are speculating that this is some sort of elaborate prank on the media. After all, Kimmel fooled us with his YouTube video of a woman twerking so much that she caught on fire.

Either way, it seems that West has more beef with the paparazzi than anything Kimmel is doing on his talk show.

What do you think? Is this Kanye West-Jimmy Kimmel feud a hoax? Tell us in the comments below.